December 28 - 29, 2019
We tried to collect most popular questions about the festival, but if you still have any, ask us by the e-mail
When and where is #EatDrinkFestival?
The next edition of #EatDrinkFestival will happen in December, 2019. Specific date is to be announced.
What time is the festival?
The event hours are 12 - 8 pm
How can I attend the festival?
Guests will require a festival wristband to attend the festival and the wristbands will be on sale closer to the festival date.
What is this wristband?
As we seek to make the festival experience frictionless, we have introduced wristbands which will be used to make purchases from the vendors at the festival.
Do children need this wristband?
Any child under the age of 12 will not need a wristband as they must be accompanied at all times.
How much is this wristband?
The wristband is N1000. There'll be top up stations around the festival to enable you fund your wristband with spending money. If you have left over funds in the wristband, you can withdraw it at the conclusion of the event.
Do I still need to pay for food?
Yes, you do.
Why is the food not free?
We'd like our vendors to make money for their services so they will be charging for whatever you consume.
I want to be a vendor, how do I sign up?
Check out the vendor page
I love this event and I want my brand to sponsor it
Please send us an email