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Important Guest Information

Think of EatDrinkFestival as theme park for food lovers or like Coachella for food, as Nosa likes to believe. The only way to have a fun time is to come prepared.

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Dress the part
Get yourself some comfortable shoes, absolutely no heels. Add a hat and sunscreen for the sun as well. Most importantly, wear some comfortable clothes because you're going to be doing some eating.

Pack light
You'll most likely want to navigate the Festival unencumbered, so pack light. Leave the unnecessary stuff at home.

Plan ahead
There's no way anyone is eating everything at the Festival. And no, you can't bring your take away pack from home. Check out the map on our website (available the week of the event) and make sure you plan to hit your favourites first.

Divide and conquer
Get yourself a squad for the festival. As soon as you get into the Festival, split up, secure some goodies, get back together at the seating areas and share your spoils.

Pace yourself
This is the most important of all our tips. Don't overdo it. It’s a two day festival so you want to avoid the premature food coma.

Get your wristband early
Skip the lines at entry. You definitely don't want to be standing in line when there's food to be eaten so save yourself the stress and get your wristband online ahead of the event (on sale from November 1).

The Festival might be one big party, but we can't let anarchy reign. Here are a list of guidelines we'll need all guests to follow:

  1. This is a rain or shine event, there will be no refunds or exchanges at the gate.

  2. No unauthorised vendors are permitted on the premises.

  3. No unauthorised solicitation, flyer distribution, sampling or giveaways.

  4. No unsupervised children i.e cannot drop children off and leave.

  5. Absolutely no pets allowed with the exception of certified service animals for visitors with disabilities.

  6. Finally, the following items are prohibited:

    • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

    • External food/drink

    • Fireworks

    • Weapons of any kind

    • Drones, professional photo, video, or audio recording equipment without a press pass

    • Tents, chairs

    • Bicycles, skates, skateboards

    • Air horns