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Festival Currency

#EatDrinkFestival is a 100% cashless festival. By taking out cash, our vendors can process transactions faster and there are less lines.

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You can purchase festival currency ("Feast Points") at EatDrinkFestival with cash or debit card at the front desk or any of the top up stations around the Festival. The EatDrinkFestival wristband contains an RFID chip, which can be read by a special tablet device given to all vendors.

The process is straight-forward and simple. Just let the vendor know what you will like to purchase and they will ring up the transaction on their device. You will then tap your wristband against their tablet and voila, transaction is complete, start enjoying your food and drink!

Your wristbands can be loaded with as many Feast Points as you desire. Leftover value can also be withdrawn at the conclusion of the event.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a “Cashless Festival” and how does it work at the event?

When you arrive at the event, you can get a wristband and load it with as much or as little funds as you'd like to purchase food from vendors.The EatDrinkFestival wristband contains a chip, which can be read by a special tablet device given to all vendors. This wristband needs to remain on your wrist for duration of the event.

Inside the event, you will also be able to load additional points onto your wristband using cash or credit/debit card. Look out for one of our top-up tents or friendly top-up staff who can help you do this. Once you have loaded points onto your wristband you can visit any of the food or drink vendors on-site. Let them know what you would like to purchase and they will scan your wristband in order to deduct the correct amount - and then it's time to enjoy your purchase!

Q: Can I use cash or POS to pay for things if I haven’t loaded anything into my wristband?

A: EatDrinkFestival is a cashless festival. In other words, to buy food, drinks or merchandise at the event you will need to use funds that have been loaded to your tap-and-go wristband. Cash WILL NOT be accepted by vendors at the event but you can use cash to top up your wristband.

Q: Is there a cost to me?

A: In order to make use of the awesome benefits that cashless provides (mainly shorter wait times for you!), we charge a token fee of N1000 as your event ticket i.e. the wristband.

Q: How much should I load on my wristband?

A: We recommend loading a minimum of N5000 to your wristband at initial top-up in order to maximise your experience at the event.

Q: How do I know how much is left on my wristband?

A: You can simply use one of the self-service stations at the Festival or ask top-up staff member to scan your wristband to see how many points you have remaining. After each transaction, the vendors can also show you the balance you have remaining.

Q: What if I don’t spend everything on my wristband, can I get a refund of my unspent money?

A: Yes you can! Make sure you hold onto your wristband after the event (it is essential for your refund) and you can claim your refund online via the event portal from December 30th. Please note a N100 refund fee applies.